Friday, 25 November 2011

Think of everyone in the world as an item on a store shelf. With over 7 Billion products to choose from how are you going to make yourself stand out for any potential “shoppers”?  Well in this day and age the best way to do that is through social networking.

Lindsey Fair is the Social Media Queen; a title given to her by one of my teachers Frank Armstrong. And it’s one that she definitely deserves. She is a prime example of why it’s important to have a great, far-reaching social network. To tell you all the many things she gained by building her social presence would take far to much time, so here is an example of how social media helped her students make some big connections.

This year Lindsey took some of her third year students to the Pivot Conference in New York to listen to leading business professionals talk about the business world. After the conference Lindsey wanted her students to thank the pivot con team for giving them the chance to attend and for such a reduced price. The students hadn’t meet the Pivot team personally so how were they to thank people they never meet? Social media answered that question. Take a look.

That video was played at the pivot teams board meeting and now those students will always be in their minds. This is how social media can help you in the future. The big thing to remember is that you must always look for ways to expand you network and be original. Don’t do or say what everyone else is saying or doing or else your just another item on the shelf that gets pushed to the back. 

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