Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Power of Facebook

Whatever happened to the good old days when a person could do and say what ever they want and it would have little effect on them in the future? A drunken night out on the town when you were in college or an old picture of you being less then discreet with an ex-girlfriend would fade out of peoples memories and soon be forgotten.

But in this day and age, the almighty Facebook has made privacy a thing of the past. People are constantly posting pictures and comments that thousands of people see and then share with others and soon millions of people know every thing about you. Whether it be a simple picture of you with a friend or a picture of you partying hard, everyone can see it and it may come back to haunt you years later.

One such example of how things posted on Facebook has affected someone is in the case of Ray Lam, an NDP candidate form Vancouver, B.C, had his political career destroyed after some “inappropriate” pictures on his private Facebook Wall were leaked to the press. Another is of a young British soldier was not allowed to be part of royal wedding protection detail because of comments he had posted on Facebook about royal to be Kate Middleton.

CBC’s Doc Zone did a one-hour documentary on the powers of Facebook called “Facebook Follies". You can watch it by clicking below.

Whether they effect you days later or years later, the things we post on Facebook and other social media sites will follows us all throughout our lives and could have serious effects on them. So, the next time you go to hit the “post” button, think. Is what you are posting really something you want the whole world to see? 

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