Thursday, 13 October 2011

All Points Addressed

Welcome again everyone and here is another session of Lets Talk IMC. This week I will be conveying the teachings from my writing for marketing communications course. Once again this class has shown me my lack of knowledge when it comes to the rules of writing.

This week in my writing course, we went through the ins and outs of APA (American Psychological Association) formatting and how to properly use APA formatting to cite others work in your own. Just as in most of my writing classes, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how to cite other work when I use it in my own. But ten minutes into the lesson I soon realized that I once again counted my chickens before they hatched.

There are many forms of citing work and an abundance of rules for where, when and how to cite work. I could be here for several hours and still not give you full and accurate explanation of APA formatting. So, in the interest of time and accuracy, here are a few web sites that give you a full explanation of APA formatting. These are just a few of the many sites and sources you can use to understand APA.

Now for my most memorable moment of the week. This weeks, actually, happened a few weeks ago in my integrated marketing communications course but I was reminded about it this week and it ties in to my last week post. It’s a video of why you should use… well just watch and see for yourself.

I laugh every time I watch that video. That’s all for this week. This is James Loveys signing off. Check back next week for more of my insights into IMC here at St. Lawrence College. Thanks.  

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