Thursday, 6 October 2011

It's Jake.... From StateFarm

Hello again everyone. I hope that my first blog post last week got those of you who have read it interested in not only the IMC program but also my insights into the program as a student. I know that I had a fun time writing it and I hope that everyone had an even better time reading it and learned a few things.

This week in my integrated marketing communications class we had a lesson on the various types of creative strategies to use when you are creating an ad to sell a product. One technique was to us humor to sell the product and the teacher gave use a video example that wasn’t quite what we expected. Check it out bellow.

Now I for one would never have thought that this was an ad for cleaning supplies. I thought it was going to be an ad for some law firm or something similar. Now looking back at it I can see the creative genius behind the ad and why it won ad of the year when it was launched. The emotional beginning grabs the viewer attention, making you feel for the daughter. Then they completely throw you off by showing you that the mother is actually cleaning her bathtub and is not in prison.  It is unlike any cleaning product commercial I have ever seen.

This reminded me of another commercial that starts you of thinking that it’s something that its not. Check it out bellow.

This lesson was also my memorable moment of the week. Thinking back to all the ads I saw makes me smile every time. Have a happy thanksgiving weekend everyone and I hope you check in next week to talk some more IMC.   

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