Thursday, 20 October 2011

Warning. This Post May Cause EXTREME AMUSEMENT

Welcome back everyone to another session of Lets Talk IMC. This week has been a doozy folks let me tell you. I had a test on Monday, and three major assignments due Thursday. I have been non-stop all week, but it won’t stop me from telling you about one of my lessons this week.

This week I’m going to take you on a journey through the teachings of my Integrated Marketing Communication professor Kathy Patterson. In this week’s class Kathy taught us about envelope teasers. This is the writing or image on the outside of the envelope that makes you want to open it and read what’s inside. When an advertiser uses direct mailing as a way to reach their target, this skill is one that could make or break them.

The keys to a successful envelope teaser is to peak their interest with out lying or stretching the truth. You don’t want to have the envelope say “Open for a $1,000,000” and then it turns out to be an ad for some silly nick knack. The customer no longer trusts you and you lose their business; possibly for life.

This for me is probably on of the most effective forms of advertising. You know the saying that curiosity killed the cat? Well if you do this right that’s essentially what you are doing to your customer if you are successful in creating a great envelope teaser (not actually killing them, but you get were I'm going with it). There could be anything inside that envelope, but if you do your job right you can guarantee that it’s going to get opened.

Here are some examples of envelope teasers.

You can also visit Pro Copy Tips to lean ten steps to great envelope teasers and watch the video below for three tips for great direct mail envelope design.          

                                                                                Well that wraps up another week of Lets Talk IMC. See you all next week, and remember if the envelope says “Explosive discounts inside” proceed with caution. They might be serious. 

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